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From #Metoo to Chanel Contos, Grace Tame and Brittany Higgins, we know that sexual harrassment, assualt and rape are disturbingly prevalent in our society. It's now time to take action; deep, integrative action in preventative education to be part of the social and cultural paradigmatic shift away from gender-based violence.

Building on the awareness raised by the #Me Too movement, the You & Me Too Program is the next step which deepens the awareness and understanding of these issues, and delivers skills and tools teenagers need to successfully navigate intimate situations and relationships. The program involves four interactive workshops run in small groups over the school term on a fortnightly basis. This methodology and time frame allows for active engagment, personal reflection, and deep emotional and intellectual processing.

The You & Me Too Program is the answer to Chanel Contos' 40,300+ signature & 6,100+ testimonial strong call to action for on-going & early intervention boundaries & consent education in high schools. Pave the way for Australia's youth and become part of the most important cultural paradigmatic shift of our time. 

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Demanding early and on-going education around consent, boundaries, respect, sexual assault and rape in high schools for students. Acting Victorian Premier James Merlino has already mandated this education across the state in response to the Chanel Contos teach us consent petition.



Thousands of high school students, predominantly from private single sex girls’ schools across Sydney, have come forward to share their harrowing personal accounts of sexual harassment, assault, abuse and rape. The collective narrative is indicative of a deep need for social and cultural change.


Of women have been victims

Our Watch - the national leader in the prevention of violence against women and children cites one in five women will have experienced sexual violence at some stage over the lifetime; that’s over 2.5 million Australian women and girls. It is time for deep systemic change.

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"A shocking amount of people I know have been sexually assaulted and it is ridiculous and needs to stop. Boys need to learn unless they are sober and consent in saying yes than any other way is considered rape. Girls need to be educated about consent and to look out for other women. They are part of the problem too. All schools, parents and the education system need to do better to protect and serve the children that remain under their care."

- Kincoppal 2022

"Rape culture is so heavily embedded within schools like Cranbrook. In year 10, they ranked my friend-group in order of least to most ‘fuckable’. We were called ‘psycho-feminists’ for speaking out and refusing to put up with treatment. Every girl in my group has been, or knows someone who has been assaulted with NO action taken. Change is vital. My experiences are extremely common, and as such this is a severe problem for the current education that must be addressed."

- SCEGGS 2021

"As a community we fail our daughters by failing to teach our sons a. consent and b. that they’re desires aren’t superior to anyone else’s. I hate to think of how many instances of assault and rape could have been avoided if schools adequately taught about consent. I sincerely hope that this petition brings a change to our education system because if having boys and girl be informed about consent prevents even a handful of instances like this it would undoubtedly be worth it."

- Kambala 2015

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This is an initiative to certify schools that have completed the You & Me Too program on consent & boundaries. This certificate recognises the active role your school has taken to eradicate gender violence, protect children from sexual abuse and trauma and pave the way for an unprecendented future where our youth are not victims nor perpetrators of sexual assault and rape.  


Keen to learn more about the Chanel Contos petition? Want to know first hand what's going on and read the harrowing testimonials of thousands of young girls? Feel like you want to do your bit and sign the petition or write up a testimonial? Click the link below for more information.

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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.  Involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin

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